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PLC Control Horizontal Baling Press Machine With Feeding Convey Easy Operate

PLC Control Horizontal Baling Press Machine With Feeding Convey Easy Operate

    • PLC Control Horizontal Baling Press Machine  With Feeding Convey Easy Operate
  • PLC Control Horizontal Baling Press Machine  With Feeding Convey Easy Operate

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    Certification: CE ISO

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: one set
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: Nude Packing
    Delivery Time: 30-45 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Paper Recyling Type: Other
    Packaging Type: Film Driven Type: Hydraulic
    High Light:

    recycling baling machine


    horizontal cardboard baler

    Customer's Request HPA-150 Automatic waste cardboard horizontal press baler


    1. PLC control, push button operation

    2. Horizontal structure with feeding convey, have automatic and manual strapping


    suitable for waste paper ( cardboard boxes, OCC, newsprint, etc. ), waste plastics (PET bottles,

    turnover boxes, plastic film, etc. ) straw and other loose packing and manual strapping.

    Technical Specifications



    Nominal Force(Ton)


    Feeding size(LxW/mm)


    Bale size(WxH /mm)


    Bale weight (KG)


    Conveyor width(mm)

    HPA50 50 900x700 700x700 200-260 22  
    HPA80 80 1450x1100 1100x720 400-500 45+7.5 1000
    HPA100 100 1600x1000 1000x1100 480-580 55+7.5 1200
    HPA125 125 2200x1100 1100x1100 580-850 74+7.5 1600
    HPA160 160 2200x1100 1100x1100 900-1250 90+7.5 1600
    HPA250 250 2200x1120 1120x1300 1050-1500 90+7.5 1600
    HPA315 315 2200x1120 1120x1300 1200-1600 90+7.5 1600
    HPA400 400 2200x1120 1120x1300 1200-1600 90+7.5 1600


    Product workflow:

    1.After the paper wrapper or other materials of the waste paper baler arrive at the position, press the tightening button on the remote control, the red alarm light blinks, and the indenter will automatically advance and stop after pressing in place. After stopping for a few seconds, it will return to the position automatically after continuing for dozens of seconds.When returning, the siren will alarm with a frequency of 1 second. At this time, the arm type will be reported automatically. Click the arm on the remote control to loosen the arm. No more alarms until normal.

    2, put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the card slot, press the system start button on the remote control 2 times, the warning siren sounds for 10 seconds, the warning device is suspended for preparation, and the red warning light is always on.

    3. Before starting, consider whether the appearance of the waste paper packing machine is abnormal, whether there are hidden dangers around it, and whether the iron wire or plastic rope is sufficient.

    4. After the task is completed, press the remote control system stop button, remove the magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch of the electric control box, and block the main power supply. 5.Press the start button of the delivery belt on the remote control, the delivery belt runs, push the paper or other materials into the inlet of the delivery belt, the delivery belt brings the material into the packing inlet, and the manual arm type presses the sides of the holding arm with jacks. The screws on both sides are rotated at equal distances to enter some, and then tightening is started until the alarm is not normal.

    6, Repeat 4 operations until the required packing length, press and hold the packing button on the remote control for 2 seconds, the device will automatically start, the indenter will stop when it moves to the foremost packing position, and the siren will beep once every 3 seconds Call the police.

    7.Press the threading button on the remote control.After the threading machine automatically inserts the iron wire or plastic rope, the threading machine automatically returns to the original position.The bags at the exit of the bag will be pushed out one by one. The forklift will move the finished product package to a suitable place and place it uniformly. After confirming that it is normal, turn on the main air switch of the distribution box, turn on the emergency stop button, and the power indicator of the electric control box lights up.

    8. Cut off the iron wire or rope of the waste paper baler, and finish one package.

    9. The remote gear selection switch is turned to the remote gear.

    At present, the advanced horizontal balers on the market are mainly composed of feeding devices, transmission devices, feeding devices, cutting devices, crushing devices, filtering devices, throwing devices, walking devices, protective devices, traction devices and so on. The waste paper baler has a reasonable structure, the operation of the equipment is simpler, and the degree of automation has gradually increased. At present, the waste paper baler on the market can be used to process corn straw, soybean straw, peanut seedlings and other agricultural straw. China is a large agricultural country, which provides abundant raw materials for waste paper balers. Better guarantee its production.

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